What is playgood?

playgood is a volunteer-run, grass-roots charity “movement” that empowers people by providing them with a “platform” to do good in the ongoing fight against cancer while pursuing and sharing their passion for play. Everyone has something they love to do – whether it is play sports, a musical instrument, or scrabble; take a yoga class or create a mobile app. playgood is working to establish a self-perpetuating, global community of Leaders and Players who will use their passions to make a difference.

The concept behind playgood is for many small events rather than one large annual fundraiser. The kick-off event took place in New York City in September, 2010, and included a tennis round robin and acoustic piano concert. The money raised by playgood will support cancer research at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in New York City.


What are playgood’s key objectives?

• Mobilize and revolutionize the power of play to do good

• Raise $1 million to support cancer research, prevention and screening programs

• Build a global team of Players and Leaders from the grass-roots up

• Establish a virtual network to share experiences and best practices


Who do we want to playgood?

The simple answer is “you”! Everyone has a passion and, we want to invite, encourage and support people in leveraging whatever their passion, to do good.


Join us and playgood, EMAIL US!


What can be done to playgood?

• Participate in an event as a Player

• Invite friends, family and colleagues to join us or support your efforts

• Serve as a Leader by planning a new activity

• Take advantage of our resources, “play network” and support to do good

• Share the experience and inspire others to become playgood Players and Leaders


What and how do we playgood?

Our initial focus was on playing tennis together, but longer term we will play outside the lines of the tennis court…

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